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Our goal at is to teach people about Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing and Consciousness. Here you’ll find valuable resources that will help you on your way to master Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming and more. is the best online resource for these topics:

On we write guides on these topics backed with our personal experiences as well as science-backed information.

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Consciousness is still one of the biggest mysteries of science and we’re not close to solving it yet. Nobody knows how, why or in which part of the brain Consciousness happens. Many neuroscientists have failed to discover why it exists and what part of the brain is responsible for it.

Elon Musk said this about Consciousness: “It feels like it’s in a different dimension“.

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Astral Projection, Remote Viewing and Lucid Dreaming are all Conscious experiences. We research and write about these.

Astral Projection (AP) is an OBE (Out of Body Experience) where a person separates themselves from their body, usually done during sleep.

Lucid dreams are dreams where the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming.

Remote Viewing is viewing a target that you can’t physically see from your location.

Astral Projection

What Does Astral Projection Feel Like

What Does Astral Projection Feel Like?

Many people who are interested in Astral Projection but have never had an experience ask themselves: ‘What does Astral Projection feel like?’ This article will not only answer that but

Lucid Dreaming

Remote Viewing

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