Everything About The Astral Plane | What Is It And How To Enter

Astral plane, also known as the astral world or the astral realm, is the place we go to with Astral Projection. But what is it exactly? What can we do there and how do we enter? Is the astral plane actually real?

We will answer all of those questions and more. Let’s jump right in!

Astral Plane

What Is The Astral Plane

The definition for the astral plane, also known as the astral world or astral realm, is a plane of existence dimensionally higher than our normal 3 dimensional physical world

Not only that, the astral world also has different levels to it. Contrary to the popular belief, there isn’t just one astral plane. The truth is that the astral realm is divided into multiple astral planes. In other words, the astral realm  has multiple levels, it’s not just one world.

We will talk more about this later in the article.

It’s a different plane of reality from our normal world. A lot of people believe that our consciousness passes through the astral plane after we die and before we are born. There is also a good amount of evidence that suggests that our consciousness can go there with methods such as Astral Projection.

The Astral World

We can visit the astral plane with out of body experiences (OBE) or with extensive meditation. The most common methods of visiting the astral world are:

Both of these are OBEs (Out of Body Experiences). We don’t physically visit the astral plane, instead we do it by separating our consciousness (also known as the astral body) from our physical body. By doing so, our consciousness can go into the astral realm.

The astral plane is populated with higher dimensional entities. We can communicate with them when we are in the astral world.

History Of The Astral World

There are a lot of concepts related to the astral plane. Both in religion and in philosophy.

In Islam, Barzakh is an in-between world. Similar to that, in Judaism that world is known as the “World of the Yetzirah”.

In the renaissance, a lot of philosophers believed that the astral world is a plane of existence between our physical world and the divine.

Some believe that Dante Alighieri was describing the lower levels of the astral realm with his inferno.

Is The Astral Plane Real

Some skeptics believe that the astral realm is just in your head. They believe that it’s a very advanced version of a lucid dream.

Firstly, the experience in the astral world is very real and it’s a lot different than a Lucid Dream. 

Naturally, a whole new plane of reality can be hard to believe, especially if you haven’t been able to experience it yet. The truth is that it’s very real and it can even feel more real than the physical world. 

It’s also worth noting that scientists have only started researching into the astral plane in the last 50 years. The leading research center for consciousness, Astral Projection and the astral realm is The Monroe Institute.

The Monroe Institute

It can’t be scientifically proven because consciousness can’t be measured so the only way to know is to experience it for yourself. Once you experience the astral world, you will know just how real it is.

There have also been numerous CIA investigations into the astral world. One of the main CIA documents about the astral realm is the Gateway Process. In short, the CIA believes that the astral realm is very real.

Astral Plane Levels

As we said before, the astral plane has multiple levels to it. In other words, the astral world / realm / plane consists of multiple astral planes.

Generally, we group up the astral plane levels into three categories:

  • The lower Astral planes
  • The middle astral planes
  • The higher astral planes

The levels differ from each other based on their frequency / vibration. The lower level astral planes have lower frequency than the higher ones and thus they are easier to get into.

Lower Astral Plane

The lower levels of the astral plane are darker compared to the middle and the higher levels. These are the astral planes with the lowest frequency and the easiest to get into.

Lower astral levels are also the levels that are considered to be the scariest. Most entities here can be very scary. Don’t worry, the astral plane isn’t dangerous and none of the entities can’t physically hurt you. However, they can leech energy off of your fear so it’s important to not be scared.

Middle Astral Plane

These are the levels with medium frequency which are harder to get into than the lower astral levels.

Compared to the lower levels, the middle levels look brighter and happier. There are a lot of entities here but a lot of them are good ones that want to help you.

If you can reach the middle astral levels, you can explore the whole world and even other planets in the astral realm.

Higher Astral Plane

The higher astral plane levels are the ones with the highest frequency and they are the hardest to reach. It takes a very experienced astral projector to get into these levels.

Higher astral levels are very happy and bright. Almost all entities here are very friendly and communicative.

Once you’re able to reach the higher astral levels, you can explore the whole astral world. This includes the whole astral universe, galaxies and even places such as the Akashic records.

How To Enter The Astral World

The main way to enter and explore the astral plane is Astral Projection. In short, Astral Projection is the experience of separating your consciousness (astral body) from your physical body. This can be done during meditation but it’s usually done during sleep.

Astral Projecting To The Astral Plane

To enter the astral plane with Astral Projection, follow these steps:

  1. Wake up during the night a few hours into your sleep
  2. Go back to sleep and be completely still but don’t let your mind fall asleep
  3. Your body will become paralyzed but your mind will be awake
  4. Roll out of the bed with your mind
  5. Congratulations, you’re now in the astral world, you can open your eyes with your mind

This is a very simplified method of how to Astral Project. Remember, Astral Projection takes focus and patience. It might take a few months before you’re fully able to do it, you shouldn’t give up if it doesn’t work the first few times.

For an in-depth, beginner friendly method, read our easy Astral Projection method.

What Can You Do In The Astral Plane

Because the astral realm is dimensionally higher than our normal world, we can do things there that we can’t do in the physical world.

This includes:

  • Floating around
  • Going through walls
  • Teleporting

These things are possible because the astral world consists of different dimensions than the normal world. In order to do a lot of these things, you have to have a lot of experience in the astral realm. Most beginners will have a hard time with just getting into the astral plane.


To conclude, the astral plane is another realm of reality that we can visit with our consciousness. It consists of multiple levels that have different frequencies / vibration.

The main method of getting into the astral world are meditation and Astral Projection.

There have been numerous tests and even CIA research done into the astral plane. It’s absolutely real but it can be hard to believe if you haven’t been there before. Once you visit the astral realm, however, I can almost guarantee you that you won’t doubt it anymore.

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