What is The Best Astral Projection Course For You?

There is no doubt an increase in Astral Projection courses available online, especially in the last few years. 

More and more people are becoming interested in exploring the Astral Plane, and as demand goes up, so does the supply of various e-books and courses.

The Best Astral Projection Courses

While most of the Astral Projection courses you will find on the internet are written in good faith, a large majority of them are not good.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the biggest improvements that could be made to these courses and in the end, I’ll show you the best course on Astral Projection!

Astral Projection Course Mistakes

I’ve read a lot of Astral Projection courses in my spiritual journey and I believe that I have a good idea on what a good course should look like.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes of the courses I’ve read so far.

Generic Information

As of writing this, there are over fifty websites dedicated to Astral Projection, all of them offering information on the craft.

It’s sad to see that some of these websites offer their own courses where they do nothing but copy their existing (free) articles and compile them into one big ‘course’.

While it might help out newbies, it’s disingenuous and it doesn’t really provide you with the tools necessary for more advanced steps.

It also destroys faith in Astral Projection as a contemporary science, as a lot of the information presented is nothing but repeated woo-woo.

Lack of Media

People are different and not everyone learns in the same way. 

I first discovered this phenomenon in school, where some students performed better at visual, others at auditory tests.

That’s why it’s very important to mix things up in course, to include both visual and auditory stimuli for the person to be able to find their own groove.

Sadly, many courses only contain text and a few images. 

No videos, no demonstrations and no other media is at hand, making it difficult for the student to absorb the information presented.

Big Words

I distinctly remember reading a course where the words ‘hypnagogia’ and ‘praedormitium’ were thrown around in the first few sentences of the beginning chapter.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I had no idea what these two words meant at the time and it made it feel like Astral Projection is something complicated and confusing.

It put me off reading the course, but I still managed to finish it with the help of Google.

However, the entire experience was quite disappointing.

I felt distracted by the constant need to switch tabs and search for unknown words, it impaired my ability to really learn anything useful from the course.

Ideally, an Astral Projection course should both be accessible to newbies and pros, written in plain English.

Too Short

The last thing which grinded my gears about the many Astral Projection courses out there was their length.

I would pay good money to read on a topic I’m very interested in, only to find out that it has all come to an end not an hour later.

This really set my teeth on edge, and that’s when I decided that enough was enough – I was going to write my own course.

That’s how the Astral Plane Astral Projection course came into being!

The Astral Plane Astral Projection Course

Are you tired of reading regurgitated drivel?

Paying hundreds of dollars for a course that couldn’t even pass as student homework?

Encountered too many false promises and misguided attempts at Astral Projection?

I share your frustrations and that’s why I have created a course that’s basically the ultimate guide to Astral Projection.

It contains everything you need to know about Astral Projection, takes you from place A to place B with no horse pukey along the way.

For a measly 67$, you gain access to a course that’s basically a library on Astral Projection. It’s quite lengthy and is a mixture of video, audio and text. Set your own pace and explore the endless possibilities Astral Projection has to offer!

You also get all the future updates of the course for free, forever!

I can promise you one thing, once you buy this course, you’ll never have to open another website ever again, as it’s all in there!

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