The Best Documentaries And Podcasts To Learn About Astral Projection

One of the simplest ways to learn something new for a lot of people is to watch someone else do it: 

Many people are visual or auditory learners, and might just learn better from documentaries or other podcasts or programs, rather than by reading books about Astral Projection.

Astral Projection Documentaries and Podcasts

This guide will break down the best programs and documentaries on astral travel, across the most commonly used streaming services and similar providers.


The single largest streaming service there is (technically behind YouTube, more on that below,) Netflix currently has a noticeable absence of films and documentaries on out of body experiences, bar one:

Behind Her Eyes

A surprising amount of people seem to have discovered astral travel through this new series on Netflix, with Google’s Trends tracking a 170% spike in searches for the term in the week after it debuted.

Like it or not, many people are introduced to some of the more esoteric sides of life from TV shows and films like this, and if it gives people a greater understanding of themselves and helps them discover something new and amazing, then that’s absolutely a good thing. 

As for the show itself, how realistic is it?

Behind her eyes Astral Projection

Without heavy spoilers, there’s some useful information, but most of what you see is exaggerated, as it is in almost every big film and TV show. Especially the negative aspects, which are complete fantasy.

Behind Her Eyes doesn’t really explain what Astral Projection is or how it works.

However, some of the things you see, for example, keeping a dream diary, are good to know. But if you want to really learn how to have your own out of body experiences, we recommend you begin by reading beginners Astral Projection guide.


For the uninitiated, Gaia is a streaming service aimed at expanding consciousness and living more spiritually. With over 8000 documentaries and other options available, Gaia is currently one of the best resources for astral travel on the internet. 

Available on its own, or as an add-on to Amazon’s Prime service, Gaia also offers guided yoga, meditation practice, and more. Suggested picks include:

Microdose: Astral Projection

Available completely free in most places, without having to sign up or enter any details, the Microdose series acts as a taster on each subject, and their episode on Astral Projection is only 8 minutes long, so it’s the perfect way to see if Gaia’s service is right for you.

The Path: Beyond the Physical

A full documentary on Astral Projection, Beyond the Path explores varying states of consciousness, out of body experiences, and the possibilities of remote viewing, all balanced by declassified documents detailing the Stargate experiments performed by the CIA in the 1970s.


YouTube is the single most visited site on the internet, but so few people ever use it to learn new things, which is surprising, because the site is jammed full of documentaries and other info-packed content, all available absolutely free and at your fingertips whenever you want it. 

A search for ‘Astral Projection documentary’ brings up thousands of responses (always include the word documentary, otherwise your results will include hundreds of trance music meditation mixes; cool, but not useful here.) Our recommended starting points are:

Out Of Body Experiences with Olaf Blanke

A 50 minute primer on the scientific basis behind out of body experiences, including medical studies and a look at similar phenomena.

Link to the documentary here.

The New Science of Out Of Body Experiences – Susan Blackmore

Starting with the narrator, a professor of Psychology’s personal experiences, this documentary goes deep into what might be the cause, and how we can harness it.

You can watch this documentary for free by clicking here.

Podcasts on Astral Travelling

Podcasts strike the perfect balance between ease of listening, knowledge density, and the ability to listen to them absolutely everywhere, whether that’s at the gym, on your daily commute, or just relaxing at home.

The Mind Travellers

Interesting because it features Robert Monroe, the founder of the Monroe Institute (the world leader in exploring human consciousness, and a key factor in Astral Projection research worldwide,) discussing his personal experiences and what caused him to found his center for research. (Which had been opened just one year before this was first recorded., in 1975.)

This podcast is the rare opportunity to hear the voice of a man almost considered the father of Astral Projection research in the USA, and, at just over 40 minutes long, shouldn’t be missed.

Mindvalley – Out of Body Experience with Jade Shaw

Jade Shaw is an advocate and teacher of out of body experiences, regularly speaking at workshops and gathering across the world, and even acted as creative consultant for Behind Her Eyes, Netflix’s series which was featured above. 

This podcast is a gentle intro into the phenomenon, covering things like the basic concepts, when a person might experience out of body experiences and astral travel, and what you can do to progress on your path. It’s near perfect as a primer and a starting point.


Until you take a step back and look, it’s actually hard to realize just how much good information there is out there on astral travel and out of body experiences. 

It’s suggested that as many as 1 in 10 people have had an OOBE, and as we become more conscious of ourselves and information becomes easier to access, that number will only ever rise. 

Our recommendation is to watch one or two documentaries or listen to a podcast, read our primer on Astral Projection for beginners, and start your own self-directed practice today.

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