Types of Entities You Will Meet During Astral Projection

The Astral Plane is a place so large, we basically can’t fully imagine it with our limited brains. It’s a realm populated with all kinds of different entities and if you practice Astral Projection long enough, you’ll be able to meet most of them. 

This article will try to introduce some of the most common Astral entities you will meet during your travels. Consider these writings a collection of countless Astral experiences condensed into one article.

Astral Projection Creatures

Before you start, I implore you to check out my Astral Plane guide. 

It will help you understand why you still aren’t meeting certain entities (stuck on a lower Astral Plane level) and it will make the terminology a lot easier on you.

List of Astral Projection Entities

My team and I have compiled this list, however, it’s far from complete. 

We hope to add more entries to the list as we collect even more experience in the Astral Plane. 

As already mentioned, the Astral Plane is so inconceivably big that not even professionals have gone through every nook and cranny.


You’ll usually find Mermaids in the lower and middle levels of the Astral Plane. They are quite friendly and make for great sex partners, if they are interested. 

Usually without any malicious intent, they are quite harmless and you should be having a good time with them. Check out my article on Astral sex to learn a bit more about the ins and outs of the trade.


Not every Succubus is a malicious entity trying to suck your energy away, some of them can be friendly, especially if they are sexually interested in you. 

If you manage to befriend one and develop a mutually beneficial relationship, you’ll be having some of the best sex of your life!

Other Demons

These might manifest themselves as Imps, Familiars or other similar entities. They are usually malicious and want to suck your energy dry. It’s not unusual to wake up feeling drained and dejected after meeting with a Demon

The best way to protect yourself from them is to rid yourself of your fear, it’s exactly the latter which attracts them like moths to flames. 

It’s not uncommon for first-time travelers to meet a Demon, especially since it’s very likely that you’ll travel to a low-level Astral Plane. 

There is no reason to worry, remember to show no fear and the worst that can happen is you waking up feeling drained.

It happened to all of us at one point or another and is no reason for concern. View it as a learning experience!

Astral Projection is very safe and you’ll soon start getting the hang of things.


It’s quite rare to find an Angel in the lower levels, so you’ll have to practice quite a bit before meeting up with one. Angels are benign beings, it’s very likely that you’ll befriend them instantly and you’ll feel your energy levels rising as the interaction moves on. 

They sometimes reveal things to you which shakes up your entire perspective on the real world. They can induce positive changes into your being and you should listen to what they have to say.

Some people believe that these angels are souls from good people who have died in the past. I won’t go into whether it’s true or not (we have no proof), but it’s an interesting thought.


Once you reach higher levels of the Astral Plane, you’ll have the chance to speak and interact with Archangels. These are very intelligent entities, they speak very wisely and with so much creativity in their words, it’s sometimes hard to follow them.

You will need an open mind to accept their message and if you do, it will benefit your private life immensely. 

Some people have even gone on to become very successful after a few conversations with an Archangel.

Other Humans

You can meet up and interact with other humans in each and every level of the Astral Plane. Usually, humans tend to avoid each other, as there is so much more to the Astral Plane in comparison to beings you interact with on a daily basis.

The only exception from the rule would be if you’re meeting up with your partner for soul sex or if you’re trying to establish a link with distant relatives.


Fairies are some of the most interesting creatures in the Astral Plane. 

You can find them at any stage of the Astral Plane and their main goal is to help you ascend to the next level. 

Be warned, fairies can sometimes be a little too much as they are eager to watch you become a more spiritually enlightened being. They might reveal sensitive things about you, things buried deep in your subconsciousness that you’re not ready to face yet. 

An overwhelming majority of the interactions I had with fairies were positive and there was only one time where I felt swamped by their words.

Remember to keep an open mind and if you don’t feel ready to face your deepest fears yet, don’t interact with fairies.


‘Aliens’ is quite a broad category, it basically encompasses all the entities I have seen in the Astral Plane, but didn’t have a name for them. It’s really hard to judge them on the whole, as some of them were malicious and others were more than friendly. 

Some of those beings were shapeshifters, seamlessly shifting from one entity to another. I personally avoided them as they creeped me out, but I didn’t show any fear so I had no other issues with them.

This entire section sounds a bit obscure, but you’ll get what I’m saying once you experience Astral Projection for yourself.

Fear Projections

This might not be a real entity in the Astral Plane itself, but for the person currently performing Astral Projection, it can seem very real.

Fear projections happen when your imagination gets clouded by the fears, doubts and uncertainties of your subconscious mind.

They can manifest themselves as raspy voices calling for your name or weird ‘shadow’ people trying to drag you to the underworld.

This all sounds quite scary, but once you remember that you’re the one in control and that nothing bad can happen, you’ll quickly snap out of it and realize that it’s just a projection of your own mind.


The last entry on our list are witches, who will often approach you as common household pets. Their main goal is to lure you into their abode, where they can suck your energy dry.

Don’t follow any animals in the Astral Plane, especially if they seem suspicious or if you realize that they are surrounded by negative energy.

You don’t need to be an expert in Astral Projection to sense negative energy, your consciousness will naturally alert you to the various types of energies around you.


As you can see, the Astral Plane is quite a colorful place and you’ll be able to meet with a lot of interesting entities once you manage to perform Astral Projection.

Beware of energy vampires and keep a cool head, these two tips alone will make your life a lot easier in the Astral Plane.

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to explore. In one sentence, the Astral Plane is limitless in its being and I’m quite happy to spend my lifetime exploring and writing about it.

If you have met any interesting entities on your trip to the Astral Plane, feel free to email me, it would be my pleasure to expand this article even further!

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