The Best Movies And Series About Astral Projection

Most people tend to find it easier to understand something if they can see it happening in front of them. Remember the old adage, show, don’t tell?

So here’s our list of the best films that you can watch to better understand Astral Travel. Each film on the list features the astral plane in some way, and this guide breaks down whether it’s accurate, and whether you should watch it.

Best Astral Projection Movies And TV Series

The 6 Best Films That Feature Astral Projection

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes is probably the single most relevant TV show about Astral Projection available right now. It’s new to Netflix, coming out in February of 2021, and heavily features Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel as key parts of the plot.

Without going into spoiler territory, the plot follows dark psychological themes, with a significant diversion into Astral Travel as things degenerate. The show also demonstrates reasonably realistically what Astral Projection can look like. 

A lot of the more negative aspects are obviously played out, as you’d expect from a big-budget TV program, but there’s some useful information here, including keeping dream diaries and how to start your journeys. It’s had a big effect, too, with searches for Astral Projection spiking since the show debuted (if you’re new here, then welcome!)

Overall, Behind Her Eyes has a lot to offer prospective Astral Travellers, as well as overall being a good show. If you’re interested in a show about Astral Projection, we recommend starting here.

The Insidious Series

Currently four films in, Insidious focuses on the darker sides of Astral Travel, namely dealing with darker entities that might not have our best interests in mind.

While the demonic possession aspects are pure fiction because there is nothing that can physically hurt you or your body when you Astrally Project, the scenes where the issues haunting the family are explained as astrally based can be very close to what some people have experienced.

The film does touch on the emotional aspects of Astral Travel, and how it’s common to see and find things in the astral plane that you’re subconsciously looking for, and need, and how exploring the astral plane can be the key to unlocking aspects of who we truly are.

Overall, for horror fans, and astral travelers in general, the Insidious series is worth a watch.

Doctor Strange

Probably the most recognisable film on this list, if only because it’s part of the juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange has a lot to offer someone interested in the idea of Astral Travel. With some truly stunning visuals and absolutely mind-bending scenes, including scenes of an entire city curling in on itself like a piece of paper.

As for whether the concepts it shows are true and accurate? The Astral Plane being a separate layer that you can move into is very good, and the film also very clearly shows people having out-of-body experiences where they can witness their own body and everything around them.

While some of the more fantastical elements might not be strictly true, Dr Strange is an excellent example of astral travel in big-budget cinema, and a good film in general.

If I Stay

If you’re looking for a film that features out-of-body experiences as a main plot point, then If I Stay has you covered.

The main concept of the film (no real spoilers) is that the main character has an out-of-body experience when she is involved in a car crash. This lets her travel around to see her friends, family, and loved ones, (something that’s perfectly possible using the right methods) and assess the impact that her life has on other people, and decide whether she’s going to return to her body or move on.

The film is packed with emotional scenes and solid performances, but it’s also a very good film for demonstrating what an out-of-body experience can look and feel like, and so it’s well worth checking out.

Doctor Sleep

The sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep is another Steven King horror, following the footsteps of Danny Torrance, the little boy from the first film, who’s now an adult and plagued with the powers that cause him to see entities in other planes, like spirits.

In terms of Astral Travel, some of his friends and foes have the ability to project themselves across the country, visiting him astrally and using this to try and possess or harm other people. While the harming and possession is obviously fiction, we know that you can travel to see other people on the Astral Plane, so the film gains points for that.

Dr. Sleep is also a film that seems to have been vindicated by cable, or, in this case, Netflix. It did poorly at the Box Office, critics didn’t seem to like it, but as soon as it hit the streaming services, people started to appreciate the film more and more. Our advice? Check it out yourself and form your own conclusions.


At first, it might be difficult to see the link between astral travel and a film about a space station in danger around an alien planet and something that might have affected the previous crew, but the links are all there.

Whether it’s the dreamlike imagery, the entities that are drawn up out of the minds of the characters, or from the planet itself, how it is presented, and how it affects the plot, the film acts not as a direct experience of Astral Projection, like the others on this list.

Instead, it’s more an allegory about how the astral plane might appear, how it might affect you, the consequences that can come from interacting with things that you don’t understand, both negative, and positive.

It’s also about growth and acceptance, and, at its core, life and how we deal with each other, with loss, and with trauma. Solaris is a strange film, and might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth experiencing.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, reading our list of films about Astral Projection has sparked your interest in starting or improving your own astral travels.

Make sure to give these movies a chance and if you know about any other movies featuring Astral Projection, please contact us so that we can add it to the list.

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