Astral Projection Rope Method | The Easiest Technique To Astral Project!

The rope method is one of the most popular and beginner-friendly Astral Projection techniques. But how exactly do you consistently use the rope method to successfully project and why is it better than other techniques?

In this guide, we will go over just that. By the end of this page, you’ll know exactly how to do the rope method and why it’s one of the most beginner-friendly techniques.

Astral Projection rope methoc

What Is The Rope Technique

The rope method is a common technique used for Astral Projection. It was introduced to the Western world by Robert Bruce, a very prominent figure in the world of Astral Projection.

The goal of this method is to use an imaginary rope to pull yourself (your Astral body) out of your physical body during the hypnagogic state. If you do it successfully, it will consistently lead to Astral Projection.

Before You Start

The one most important thing to understand about Astral Projection, and especially with the rope technique, is that you can’t force yourself in there. Many people try (and fail) by trying to will themselves into the Astral Plane. This is just unproductive, as you need to let the Astral Plane get to you!

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re just going to sit idly, doing nothing, but I’m just trying to point out that trying to exert too much control over yourself is only going to lead to failure and frustration. 

Also, don’t get discouraged if you fail at first. I can’t count the times when I tried to reach for the rope but ended up actually moving my physical body.

It happens, just try again, put less pressure on yourself (that was my bane when I first started) and you’ll get there in no time.

Here are some steps to help you out with the Rope Technique.

The 5 Step Rope Method For Astral Projection

1. Place Yourself In a Comfortable Setting

This is one of the most important things that many people just ignore. Choose a room in your home that is free of any distractions, where you feel ‘at home’, where there are no bad memories or stress-related things distracting your brain.

Your bedroom should be the ideal choice, but some people prefer another room, as they tend to fall asleep in their bedroom.

I personally opt for my bedroom, as it’s quite common and completely normal to sometimes fall asleep even while you’re trying to Astral Project.

Don’t get discouraged, learn from your mistakes and try again!

Also, if you’re living in a busy neighborhood, ear-cancelling headphones or ear plugs will save you from any noise outside of your room.

If you’re an auditory person, check out my Astral Projection music article, it will help set the mood!

2. Mind Awake – Body Asleep

Now, it’s time to get yourself into a state where you trick your mind that your body is asleep. 

Lie down on your back, close your eyes and make sure that the room you’re in is dark and cool. Turn off any devices or anything else that might distract you.

Some people like to surround themselves with items of sentimental value, and you can do that, but don’t let them touch your physical body, as it only ends up being a distraction.

You will have many thoughts entering and leaving your mind as you lie down peacefully on your back. Don’t entertain these thoughts, just let them pass through.

If need be, imagine your thoughts to be a constant river flowing in a never-ending stream. As one thought enters, another one escapes.

In this scenario, you’re nothing but an observer, sitting in front of the river, watching as your thoughts pass in and out.

Don’t move your body or open your eyes, just lay down still and keep observing your thoughts.

Your mind might trick you into moving by inducing itching sensations over some parts of your body.

You may also start hearing small sounds, as if someone is calling your name or you may start feeling that your field of vision is changing.

Don’t worry, nothing bad is happening, it’s just your mind testing whether you’re actually asleep.

Ignore the sensations and after ten to twenty minutes, you’ll start feeling something else.

3. Vibrations

This is the stage that we’re keen to reach, also dubbed as the ‘vibrational’ stage. Now, it’s quite difficult to put into words as to how these vibrations feel, but to put it best, it’s like your Astral Body is preparing itself to leave your physical body. I like to imagine that my brain is switching waves, from Beta to Theta brainwaves.

It can be very tempting to try and do something during this stage, and many people don’t know what to do once they reach the vibrational stage.

The best advice I can give you is to do nothing at all!

Moreover, continue doing what you’ve been doing and get into an even deeper state of relaxation.

Continue breathing in and out, as if nothing is happening and feel your body getting lighter and lighter.

Once you reach the stage of ‘complete nothingness’, it’s time to use your imagination.

4. Imagination

You’re in a deeply relaxed state of mind right now and you’re ready to start Astral Projecting.

It is exactly at this point where my advice at the beginning starts to shine – don’t try to do anything by force, just keep being relaxed and follow my instructions.

Imagine a rope, any rope you like and start observing it.

Ask yourself about its texture, color, thickness, etc.

Visualize that rope and put your entire mind into it. 

Once you see the rope with your own eyes, reach out for it with just one arm.

Don’t go for it with your entire body yet, just one arm is enough!

Grab ahold of it and feel its texture and thickness, feel the rough edge and the vibrations it’s giving out.

5. Astral Projection

Now grab the rope with your other arm and pull yourself out of your physical body. If everything goes alright, and don’t fret if it doesn’t the first few times, you will have successfully entered into the Astral Plane.

Now that you’re free from the constraints of your physical body, feel free to explore your surroundings!

You may sometimes encounter other entities as well, most of them will be very helpful and cheery, but some of them will try to steal your energy.

You don’t have to do anything special to protect yourself from these entities, just don’t show fear and they won’t be able to sap your energy.

Sometimes, you’ll even be able to befriend them, and it will make for quite an experience!

Rope Technique Tips And Tricks

Here are some neat tips and tricks I’ve picked up doing the rope technique over the years.

1. Don’t Try To Increase The Vibrations

The more control you try to have over Astral Projection, the harder it gets. People often get excited when they feel the vibrations for the first time and their first instinct is to try and escalate that feeling!

That’s the wrong approach to it, as you will most probably snap out of your trance the moment you attempt to control your vibrations.

The best thing to do when you feel the vibrations is continue breathing in and out, letting the vibrations increase by themselves as time passes.

2. Take Time To Visualize The Rope

The rope you’re visualizing is your ticket to the astral plane. I know what you might be thinking: ”It’s just a freaking rope!”, but it’s more than that, imagine it to be a bridge between the physical and the Astral world.

It’s very important that you take your time both visualizing and observing the rope, as that will help you grab onto it much easier, and the entire ordeal will turn into something as easy as pie.

3. Excessive Emotion is Your Enemy

It’s hard to stay cool and collected with all these new things happening around you, but whether it be excitement or fear, too much emotion will quickly lead you back to the physical world.

I remember my first few attempts being filled with excitement and awe. I would successfully separate myself from the physical world, but then get snapped back into it in less than ten seconds.

This problem can only be avoided with experience and is the reason why most people learning Astral Projection take around three months to fully learn it.

How Does It Compare To Other Methods

As already mentioned, the Rope Method is perfectly suited for fledglings, but there are some other techniques I’ve already written about in my How To Astral Project article. You should definitely check it out to learn a bit more about the other methods!

Let’s see how the Rope Technique compares to some other methods for Astral Projection.

The Rope Technique VS The WBTB Method

The WBTB method is all about self-control, it can be hard to keep your mind awake after going back to sleep for the second time.

It’s a good method for beginners, as it sets the stage for Astral Projection, so if you’re someone that can exert enough self-control to stay awake, this method will suit you well.

However, I still prefer the Rope Method simply because it’s a bit easier for beginners. It’s so easy to fall back asleep with the WBTB method that you need at least a couple of times before you even reach the vibrational stage!

Quite on the contrary, it’s not uncommon for newcomers to reach the vibrational stage in the first attempt with the Rope Technique.

The Rope Method VS The Monroe Technique

The Monroe Technique deserves a lot of respect as it’s one of the most popular methods around by a person who practically introduced Astral Projection to the West.

I would argue that the Rope Technique is an improvement over the Monroe Method, as they are very similar.

The latter requires you to imagine your arms and legs extending, thereby achieving separation and entrance into the Astral Plane.

With all due respect to Mr. Monroe, I still prefer the rope method because it is more practical for newbies. 

It’s much easier (and less scary) to imagine a rope, rather than your limbs extending and separating from your body.

The Rope Method VS The Ear Ringing Technique

The Ear Ringing Technique is perfectly suited for those attuned to the sounds and voices around them. 

The method centers around the natural ringing sound emanating from our ears. Instead of imagining thoughts or images, your goal is to just focus on the ringing. 

Compared to the Rope Method, the Ear Ringing Technique may bring on auditory hallucinations, which might be upsetting to some people trying the method for the first time.

It’s also much easier to lose focus with the Ear Ringing Technique, as it requires a high level of concentration to just focus on one sound all of the time.

All in all, I think the Rope Method is better tailored to newbies.


The Rope Method is one of the easiest ways to achieve Astral Projection and it’s a great exercise for the brain as well as it stimulates your imagination and creativity.

Remember to not get discouraged if you don’t succeed the first few times. There is no rush and if you just keep persevering, you’ll get there in no time!

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