How You Can Use Sigils For Better Astral Projection

There are many tools that can be used to help you with your Astral Projection, including:

But one of the single best ways that a lot of people find to focus and improve on their Astral Travels is through creating and using their own sigil.

Astral Projection Sigils

What Is a Sigil?

Put simply, sigils are pictures that are used as a focus for magic or other parapsychological activities. 

Commonly used in Chaos Magick, sigils are literally just a way to take an affirmation or mental focus, and turn it into an image that’s much simpler for your mind to focus on and remember, when you’re in the astral plane.

How Sigils Can Help You With Astral Projection

Sigils are very simple tools to understand and to create, and can be used for many different purposes; whether that’s mental focus, protection, to guide towards a particular place or goal, or anything else.

Sigils work by acting as an anchor or a focus for your mind. By spending time focusing on your sigil, you anchor the intent behind it, the emotional states around it, and the feelings you have for it, in your mind.

This means, whenever you call on your sigil in the future, you’re also calling on all of that emotional and spiritual weight that you’ve imbued into it.

This might sound complicated, but it’s really not.

Once you understand the process of creating and using your own sigils, you can almost use them to achieve anything you want. So taking the time to read and digest this article and put the contents into practice is one of the best things you can do to accelerate your exploration into the Astral Plane.

How To Create Your Own Sigil

Deciding On Intent

Start by deciding on what you want your sigil to achieve. This is particularly important, as the meaning behind a sigil is one of the main reasons why it works.

So decide what you want your sigil to achieve. This could be something simple, like PROTECTION, or something more complicated like MEETING A SPIRITUAL BEING.

Whatever you decide, write it down, in capital letters. For our example, we will use protection as our intent.

Creating Your Sigil

Once you have your statement of intent written down, like so:


Go through the statement and remove all vowels and repeating letters:


Now, connect all your letters together in a way that looks attractive to you.

There’s no specific way that you need to connect the letters together to form a sigil. It’s all about what matters, and has meaning, to you.

Once you’ve finished your sigil, take another look at it, see where you can simplify it, and where you can make it look more impressive.

Imbuing Your Sigil With Energy

Now that you know what your sigil looks like, you want to transfer it to its own piece of paper.

If you want to make your new sigil look fancy and impressive, then that’s entirely up to you. Go mad. Decorate it with colors, frame it, whatever you want, as long as what you’re doing helps you to visualize it and picture it in your head more effectively.

Then spend some time with your sigil. Sit with it in front of you as you meditate, visualize it in your mind, and pour as much of your emotion and intent into it as you can. 

Repeat this as often as you can. At least once a day, more if possible. Do this for at least a week, and your sigil should be ready to use.

How To Use Your Sigil

Once you’ve created your brand new sigil, then you have to use it.

There are multiple ways to do this. The two simplest methods are:

Keeping The Sigil Close To You As You Astrally Project

After you’ve imbued your sigil with your intents and emotions, then simply keeping it next to you can help you when you’re Astrally Travelling.

Whether you keep it in front of you, put it under your pillow, or place it on the wall above your bed, having your sigil close enough that you can be consciously, and sub-consciously aware of it will bring you closer to whatever it is that you created your sigil to do.

Use Your Sigil As a Mental Focus

The second main use for your sigil is as a visualization tool. 

Whenever you Astrally Project, you can visualize your sigil, either in your mind, or hovering in front of you as if it were an actual object, to call upon its intent.

For example, if you created a sigil of protection similar to mine, then any time you felt afraid or threatened on your Astral Travels you could visualize your sigil, and let its energies both protect you and put you in a state of mind that’s more calm and relaxed.

However you decide to use your sigil, you should refresh it every so often by meditating and visualizing on it, in the same way, that you did when you imbued it.

Final Thoughts

Sigils are a tool that almost anyone can use effectively. All it takes is a little creative thinking and a few minutes of time.

If you’re interested in going deeper into creating your own sigils, and into Astral Projection in general, we recommend you to go through our other Astral Projection posts.

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