Can You Use Astral Projection To Time Travel?

If you spend any time listening to people’s experiences with Astral Projection, one thing that comes up again and again is the possibility of seeing things that aren’t happening at that moment in time.

Can you time travel with Astral Projection

Anyone who’s experimented with the phenomena surrounding astral travel, out-of-body experiences (OBEs) or remote viewing will have heard, probably more than once, that your astral form can travel to places that you could never otherwise experience, and that can possibly include going backwards and forwards in time. 

But is this really possible? What do we know about Astral Projection and traveling through time, and is it something anyone can do?

Is The Astral Body Able To Travel Through Time

To answer this, we need to lay some ground rules. 

Firstly, that we have an astral body, which is a concept widely supported by almost every religion and culture across the world, including major belief systems like the Bible, as well as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and dozens more. 

Second, that this astral body is a part of our body, but can become separate, through either accident or cultivated practice.

Third, and finally, that the astral body is your own consciousness, that had been removed from your body, and therefore the physical plane. 

The reason that this is important is that, by following this line of reasoning, it becomes obvious that your consciousness is not actually bound to time, the fourth dimension, in the same way, that your physical body is. 

This is easily testable. You can send your consciousness back in time right now, just by thinking back on something that happened in the past or visualizing the future. 

This could be explained as you essentially sending your consciousness to another time in a way that you cannot do with your physical body. 

This means that your consciousness, when free from your physical form and free to move throughout the astral plane, is free to move backwards and forwards through all dimensions, time included.

What Can Astrally Projecting Through Time Look Like?

Noted author and parapsychologist Graham Nicholls has one of the most compelling accounts of using Astral Projection to witness events before they happen.

According to Mr Nicholls, after teaching his G-technique for the first time, he first felt nothing, then with an overwhelming sensation was dragged to a street corner of London that he knew quite well. 

After a moment, an explosion rocked the area, and he saw people run towards it, as well as a wave of oppressive emotion that was attributed to the people who lost their lives in the tragedy. 

More compelling is the fact that Graham Nicholls was teaching at the time, so there were multiple witnesses to the event and his experiences, confirming what he saw, which happened 5 days before an explosion actually rocked the place he witnessed.

Can We Change The Past Or The Future?

We think of time as a linear thing, something that flows in only one direction, because we live in a time and can only experience it that way, moving ever forwards, in the same way, that a person drawn onto a piece of paper would have no idea what the third dimension was, and could only move backwards and forwards. 

But new research could finally prove that time is just another dimension

If this is true, then anyone capable of untethering themselves from the physical dimensions, i.e. into the astral plane, would, by definition, also be removing the hold of time on themselves, and so the restrictions that hold you in place on the dimension of time. This would let you freely move backwards and forwards throughout the time stream, able to see things that can and have happened outside of your own consciousness.

But if we’re truly seeing through time, this does ask some interesting questions.

For example, if we can see something that’s going to happen, with absolute clarity, does this mean that the future is already written?

If we can see something that’s about to happen, can we change it? Can we, through our own actions and foreknowledge of what’s to come, stop it? Or are we trapped, locked into a path, bound by the strings of fate?

The Main Theories About Time, And Why This Matters

There are two main options for how time travel like this could affect the universe, and it depends on whether the universe is probabilistic or deterministic.

Most people believe that the universe is probabilistic, which means that the future isn’t set in stone. Instead, it’s based on the actions of every thinking being in the universe. 

This means that no one can predict the future absolutely, but you can make fair predictions of the future if you know what’s going on in the present, and what’s happened in the past.

However, if the universe is deterministic, this means that everything that happens from this moment we are all in is completely fixed.

However, even though everything is fixed in stone, in all likelihood, you won’t be able to see the future with absolute certainty, as there’s always going to be far more contextual information around events than our relatively simplistic minds can understand!

Could It Not Be Time Travel?

Another possibility is that we’re not looking into the past or the future.

Instead, there’s compelling research that this universe might not be the only one out there. Scientists have entertained the idea that there are actually multiple universes, or one big multiverse, out there, and when we astrally project, we may have access to all of them.

In fact, the theory of quantum gravity already takes this into account, proposing that black holes, with their massive, space-time warping mass, could be the seeds of new universes, on account of the fact that black holes are actually dense and massive enough to break down the rules of reality, ready to be born anew.

If this is the case, it’s actually just as exciting, though potentially less useful to us in the here and now, because what we’re seeing is other universes and other possible events that could have happened but never did!

Other alternatives that have been proposed include the fact that as the astral body is disconnected from the physical realm, it has greater access to subconscious or external knowledge, and so has the ability to make greater inferences on what might happen. 

Should this be true, it would mean that what we’re seeing when we astrally project like this isn’t time travel. It’s instead a form of prediction, or foreknowledge, brought on and shaped by our own experiences and the wider, universal consciousness we can all tap into.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s actual time travel or not, it seems clear that, during Astral Projection, we have the ability to move outside of our current space and time. 

If you’re not there yet, relax. The thing that’s going to hold you back the most in your astral pursuits is fear and negative feelings.

So don’t fix yourself on the outcome of travelling through time. Instead, just follow the practice and enjoy the process, and you’re far more likely to have positive and growth

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