Is it possible to Astrally Project to Other Planets?

One of the most common themes among those who experience Astral Projection is flying, soaring above the ground, through the clouds and skies, or even up past the atmosphere and into the blackness of deep space. 

For anyone seeking out the stories of other people’s experiences with Astral Projection, one thing that comes up time and again is projecting onto or around other planets.

Astral projection To Other Planets

But is this possible? What does it mean, and are we really seeing or travelling to other planets when we Astrally Project to them. This post breaks down all of this, and more.

What Is The Astral Plane

Put simply, the Astral Plane is another plane of existence that sits above this one, and it’s one we can explore by using Astral Projection. 

The Astral Plane is arranged in layers, from a layer that’s almost identical to this one, that sits just above the physical plane, sometimes called the real-time-zone (RTZ,) a term first used by Robert Bruce in his book Astral Dynamics

On the Astral Plane, you can find representations of everything in the known universe, which means that there is an astral representation of every planet, star, and celestial phenomenon. 

The first few times you Astrally Project and leave your body, expect to find yourself on this plane, and somewhere reasonably familiar. As you become more comfortable with astral travel, it’s more normal to be able to leave your body and travel greater distances and see things far outside of normal experience.

CIA Remote Exploration Of Other Planets

Recently declassified CIA Astral Projection documents about psychic investigation during the Cold War, called Project Stargate, may also shed light on the possibility of exploring planets using Astral Projection.

These documents follow experiments in Astral Projection and remove viewing on our closest planetary companion; Mars. According to the documents, subjects under study were able to see specific geography on Mars, signs of which are currently being confirmed by the explorations of the Mars rovers on the planet, more than 50 years later.

Furthermore, the documents also mention the possibility that the subjects who were astrally projecting may have also been able to astrally project themselves through time and able to see things deep in the planet’s past.

Can You Meet Beings On Other Planets

People who have traveled to other planets using Astral Projection sometimes describe experiences of witnesses or even meeting other beings, being given insights or knowledge that they would otherwise have no way of knowing.  

Like a lot of things when it comes to astral travel, this can be difficult to verify, as everything you see and witness is going to be colored by your own particular consciousness and state of being. Further, unless you bring others along with you on your journeys to the Astral Plane, you’re the only person who can verify that these beings exist. 

What we do know is that there are beings that exist on the astral plane, that we can meet and interact with, and that can interact with us. As our guide to safety on the Astral Plane details, you can meet a whole host of beings who can have an entire range of intentions. 

But no matter what happens to you on the astral plane, it’s important to know that you will always be safe, as the worst that can happen to you is you return to your physical body feeling tired, or otherwise drained of energy.

How do we reach other planets on the astral plane?

Reaching other planets on the astral plane is something that can require a little bit of work. It’s a more advanced technique, as you’re moving far away from your body across the astral plane, to places that might have protections or other impediments. 

What this means is that you shouldn’t be upset or troubled if you try to astrally project to another planet and initially fail. Nothing will hold you back from your astral exploration more than fear, and as you naturally learn and grow, things like astrally projecting to other planets, or sex on the Astral Plane, become much easier to perform. 

If you’re new to Astral Projection in general, we don’t recommend initially reaching out and trying to find other planets. Instead, learn how to reliably astrally project, using one of the three beginner methods detailed in our beginner’s guide, and only consider progressing further when you are fully comfortable leaving your body at will.


So the question remains? Can you use Astral Projection to reach other planets, and more importantly, should you?

To answer these questions, we’ll leave you with a quote from noted parapsychologist, astronaut, and sixth person to ever set foot on the moon, Edgar J Mitchell:

Extrasensory perception is not a matter of belief. There is a great deal of serious scientific work being done in it, and it has been established in the last thirty years that it is a matter of probability, and the probabilities have been established beyond chance.

Happy traveling!

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