How To Use Astral Projection To Visit Your Friends And Family

Astral Projection lets you leave the boundaries of your body, and of the physical plane, and travel to places that you could otherwise never even begin to imagine. 

With the events of the last year still fresh in people’s memories, with people spending months locked in their houses, unable to see friends, family and other loved ones because of the events of the lockdown.

Can you use Astral Projection to visit somebody

So the question has obviously entered into people’s minds. As we all have a presence on the Astral Plane, and if you can use astral travel to go to other planes, meet other beings, can you use it to travel across the country, or the world, and visit your loved ones. 

This guide is here to answer that question, let you know how you can travel to visit other people, and the best methods to do that:

Things You Can Do To Make Astral Projection To Visit Someone Easier

If this is your first time trying to use astral travel to visit your loved ones, it might prove a little more difficult at first. But there are ways that you can make the entire process easier, generally revolving around using something important as a way to focus yourself and direct your mind, and your astral body, to the right place:

Tip 1: Use a Personal Object

The first big tip is to have a personal object of the person you’re trying to reach close by. 

An object of another person can act as an anchor of theirs. It’s something for your astral body to focus on, and use as a means to find the person you’re trying to reach. 

Good choices are objects that carry a lot of emotional weight or items that have spent a long time with that person. Examples might include a meaningful gift, or their keys, phone, and other things that stay in a pocket and close to them all day.

Tip 2: Use a Photo

Our minds work very strongly using images. Vision is by far our most dominant sense, accounting for as much as 80% of all our sensory inputs

Being aware of this makes it something that you can use to strengthen your Astral Projection practice. Astral travel is a way to see without being physically present, so it stands to reason that having something to focus your mind on is going to help you in your practice.

It’s also been proven that visualization exercises are a way to have a more successful Astral Projection experience. So by having a visual reference in front of you, something for your mind to fix onto and picture, can be a massive help for a lot of people.

Tip 3: Choose Something That Can Be Used To Link You Together

The third big tip is to use something that’s closely linked to the person without being a personal object, which can help your mind and body find the appropriate state to be in to reach them. 

When choosing an object, make sure to choose something that you associate as deeply theirs, for example:

  • Spraying the room with a fragrance associated with them
  • Surrounding yourself with their favorite colors
  • Playing music that you both enjoy
  • Wearing something of yours that they’ve also worn or used in the past

Tip 4: Smart Use Of Tools

There are a number of things that can be used to enhance your ability to astrally travel, including sigils and other forms of mind focusing tool, as well as crystals and other physical aids. 

The use of crystals for Astral Projection is an incredibly deep topic that could take up an entire guide by itself because there are so many different varieties of crystal, all with individual uses and abilities. To learn more, follow this link to find our guide to the top 10 crystals for astral projection

Sigils are an equally deep topic, with an equally wide variety of uses. Put as simply as possible, a sigil is a drawing or design that you create and imbue with deeply personal meaning, then use whenever you astrally project to draw you into the correct mindset. 

Finally, there’s music. The right type of music can get you into a mindset necessary for astral travel, but there’s compelling research that suggests that binaural beats can act as a simple short cut that rewires your mind and makes it that much simpler to have an out-of-body experience.

Tip 5: Get Permission

If you’re going to use Astral Projection to visit friends or family, asking for permission is one of the absolute best things you can do. 

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, asking for permission gives your mind the freedom it needs to let go of anything that might be holding it back. Even if you know that your loved ones will be happy to have you travel to them, there might always be an ever-present, subconscious fear. What if you’re intruding. Or see something you might not want to see?

The second big reason is that we all have a presence on the astral plane, and if someone doesn’t know that you’re intending to visit them, there might be resistance, even subconscious resistance, to you finding them. 

But when someone knows that you’re reaching out to them, their assent can actually strengthen that link. Can make finding them and reaching them much simpler.

What These Tips Have In Common

There are two things that the above tips all share in common.

Firstly, it’s much easier to astrally travel somewhere when you have things around you that remind you of and link you to, that person or place. 

Secondly, it’s much easier to use Astral Projection to visit your friends and family, or astrally travel in general, if you’re in a comfortable, relaxed state of mind. 

Nothing will inhibit your ability to reach Astral Projection more than being afraid, or in a negative state of mind. Astral Projection is perfectly safe, and as long as you’re smart about how you do it, there is absolutely nothing to ever be afraid of.

The Best Methods For Astral Projection to Visit Somebody

There are multiple recognized methods that can be used for Astral Projection, including several methods that are the perfect starting point for beginners. 

No matter what method you choose to use, you may struggle early on to astrally travel to visit people, but don’t get discouraged. Start by practicing how to achieve Astral Projection first, then when you can do it at will, you can learn to direct it. 

If you fail the first few times, remember that this is normal. One of the biggest things that can hinder your progress is fears and other insecurities, so relax and let your astral form direct you to where it wants to be.

Final Thoughts

To summarise the contents of this article, the best way to astrally travel anywhere, including to friends and family, is this:

  • Practice Astral Projection first
  • Be in a relaxed, calm state of mind
  • Use something to remind yourself of where you want to travel to
  • Let go of expectations and enjoy the process

Putting too much pressure on yourself is going to hurt any chances you have of successfully astrally traveling where you want to go. So let go of your expectations, relax, and be at peace, just enjoy the process, and see what happens!

Good luck!

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