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Astral Projection (AP for short) is one of the most unique and eye-opening experiences that you can have.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What is Astral Projection
  • How does it feel
  • How to do it
  • Much, much more
Astral Projection Guide

Let’s jump right in.

What Is Astral Projection

Astral Projection is the experience of separating your consciousness from your physical body. It’s a form of intentional OBE (Out of Body Experience) usually done during sleep.

AP is done by separating your astral body (the form of consciousness), leaving your physical body behind and entering the astral plane. Astral plane is a world that is dimensonally higher than our normal 3 dimensional world. Because of this, you can do a lot of things in the astral plane that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

This includes:

  • Walking through walls
  • Floating
  • Teleport

These are possible because the astral world is at a higher frequency (it has more dimensions) than our physical world and thus things work differently there.

In fact, the astral world consists of multiple astral planes. There are lower and higher level planes. With enough experience you can reach higher level ones. 

Is Astral Projection Real

This is one of the most common questions we get and for good reason. All of us at astralplane.com didn’t believe AP to be real until we researched into it and experienced it for ourselves.

A lot of people (that haven’t projected before) believe that Astral Projection is just an advanced form of a Lucid Dream. The truth is that Astral Projection is a lot different than a Lucid Dream. The main difference between the two is that a Lucid Dream is just in your head as opposed to AP which happens in the astral plane and not just in your head.

CIA Astral Projection

According to the 1983 CIA documents, the American government believes that Astral Projection is real. The American government has been extensively researching human consciousness and Astral Projection since then. Sadly, most of the research is classified because it’s done through the CIA which works with The Monroe Institute (world’s leading institute for human consciousness).

To conclude, Astral Projection is very real. It’s a lot different than a Lucid Dream and I guarantee that once you experience AP, you will see for yourself how real it actually is. Even the American government and the CIA believe that it’s real and they were funding the research.

How To Astral Project

There are multiple methods and techniques that can help you to Astral Project. In this guide, we will just go over the most common method, it might not be the easiest Astral Projection method but it’s for sure one of the most effective ones.

This technique is called the Natural Astral Projection Method.

Before we go over the steps, let’s go over some important things to understand for this method to work.

When we sleep, we go over 90 minute cycles. At the end of each cycle (at the end of REM sleep) we wake up for a few seconds, move around and go back to sleep. An average person that sleeps for 8 hours every night wakes up at least 5 times during the night. These are our opportunities to Astral Project. It’s best to project at the end of one of the last cycles. This is because each sleep cycle has a longer REM phase than the previous one.

The Steps:

  1. Wake up at the end of a sleep cycle and stay still
  2. Meditate and focus on not falling back asleep – you will feel vibrations / falling sensation / hear noises
  3. Your body will become paralyzed but you will still be awake
  4. Imagine your Astral Body rolling out of your physical body

The Steps Explained:

As we said before, you are going to wake up at the end of each of your sleep cycles during the night. When that happens, don’t move or open your eyes. If you do, just stay still with your eyes closed.

Now, focus on your breathing and feel your body going to sleep. Be careful not to fall asleep with your mind.

At this point you should be feeling one of these:

  • Vibrations through your whole body
  • Increased heart rate
  • Ringing or any kind of noise

Vibrations and increased heart rate are the most common. You can even feel multiple of them at a time. If you feel any of these than you’re doing good!

After a few minutes of this, your body will be asleep but you will still be awake with your mind. At this point you should imagine rolling off the bed or standing up from your physical self. Your astral body will come out of your physical body and you can open your astral eyes with your mind.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully Astral Projected.

Remember, Astral Projection takes practice. You probably won’t be able to project on your first try. Be patient, keep trying and it will happen.

Astral Projection Music

Some people can have an easier time projecting with music the same way that some people prefer to fall asleep with music.

Remember, not everyone is a music person. Some people will have an easier time projecting without it but for some people, music will really help a lot when projecting.

But it’s not just any music, you have to be careful whith your choice. It would probably be impossible to project when listening to metal music.

The best Astral Projection music are definitely Binaural Beats.

This is my favorite music to Astral Project to.

If you’re going to use the Astral Projection method that we previously method, we suggest that you put on headphones with music when you go to sleep. This one lasts for almost 10 hours so it should be plenty to last throughout the whole night.

CIA Astral Projection Research

CIA was reseraching Astral Projection in the 1980s under the Stargate Project.

Most of that research got declassified. You can take find the full Project Stargate documents here.

Project Stargate documents are over 30 pages long and are very in-depth. Here is the short summary of their research:

Joe McMoneagle is the CIA operative for Project Stargate who wrote most of these documents. Joe did most of his research at The Monroe Institute lead by Robert (Bob) Monroe, one of the pioneers of Astral Projection who sadly passed away in 1995.

Bob Monroe taught Joe McMoneagle, and some of his other CIA colleagues, how to Astral Project and have OBE experiences at will. The Project Stargate documents are based on the experiences of Joe McMoneagle and other CIA operatives at The Monroe Institute. Robert Monroe already did a lot of research into OBE’s and the documents included a lot of that research.

In short, the methods described in the CIA documents were based on the Gateway Experience method (Robert Monroe’s AP method) which uses Binaural Beats to help induce OBE’s. Robert’s method was and still is the most well researched Astral Projection technique. It has been studies by the CIA and proven to work.

The Monroe Institute in Virginia is still running and the Gateway Experience programs, which is what Project Stargate was largely about, still exist.

For more information about the government research into AP, check out our Astral Projection CIA Documents list.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Astral Projection is an amazing, some would even say life changing, OBE experience. It can be hard to learn because it requires a lot of patience but it’s absolutely worth it.

To me, AP is an eye-opening experience which proves that there’s a lot more to this world than we thought.

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