Astral Sex: What Is It, How Does It Feel And How To Do It

A lot of people that are interested in Astral Projection are also interested about sex in the Astral Plane.

With Astral Projection being such a unique experience, people want to know how to have sexual intercourse in the Astral Plane and how does it feel. In this Astral sex guide we will go over just that. Let’s jump right in.

Astral Projection Sex

What Is Astral Sex

The definition for Astral sex is having sexual intercourse in the Astral Plane during Astral Projection. In order to do it, a person must first become good at Astral Projecting.

There are two types of sex in the Astral Plane:

  1. Sex with an entity from the Astral World
  2. Soul sex – You and your partner project and have sex in the Astral world

In this guide, we will adress them as: 1. Astral sex and 2. Soul sex.

Soul sex is a lot harder to do than the “normal” Astral sex with an entity from the Astral Realm. Astral Projection is a skill that everyone can learn but people rarely practice it enough to get good at it. In order to have Soul sex, you and your partner would both need to get good at Astral Projection.

So by definition, having Astral sex with an entity from the Astral World is at least 50% easier since only one person (you) needs to be good at Astral Projecting.

We will go over each type in detail later in the article.

How Does Astral Sex Feel

Sex in the Astral Plane either feels very similar, almost identical to the real experience or it can even feel better. Let me explain.

Your Astral body is your Consciousness that leaves your physical body once you Astral Project

Similar to how our physical bodies are made of the same matter as our 3 dimensional world (atoms), the Astral Body is made of the same matter and vibrates at the same frequency as the Astral Plane.

The physical, 3 dimensional world, is a lower plane of existence than the Astral Plane. Because of this, our senses are heightened during Astral Projection thus Astral sex can feel better than the real deal. A lot of experienced projectors say that it’s the best feeling they’ve ever had and real sex isn’t even close. I can attest to that from my personal experience.

The Astral World has multiple levels. Depending on your skill in Astral Projection and your vibrations you can either project into the lower or higher levels of the Astral Plane. The lower the Astral Plane level, the more Astral sex feels like real, physical intercourse. On the other hand, the higher the Astral Plane level, the more Astral sex feels better.

In other words, Astral sex feels just as real as normal if not even better. It feels almost the same as real sexual intercourse when you project into the lower Astral Planes. As you get better and better at projecting, you will be able to access the higher levels where Astral sex feels amazing and a lot better than the real thing.

Comparison To Dream Sex

Compared to Lucid Dream sex, or unconsciouss Dream sex, Astral sex is far superior. 

This is because Dreams and Lucid Dreams are just in your mind and you wouldn’t actually be having sex, you’d just be imagining it. In the Astral Plane, however, you can actually have sex with real entities (that aren’t just in your mind) using your Astral Body.

Basically, when you have Astral sex, you experience real sensations. In a Lucid Dream, you only experience what your mind expects the sensation would be.

How To Have Astral Sex

Having sex in the Astral Plane is actually very simple.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Astral Project and go away from your physical body
  2. Roam around the Astral Plane until you find a suitable partner
  3. Ask the partner for Astral sex
  4. Profit

Once you Astral Project, roam around the Astral Plane until you find an Astral sex partner. Keep in mind that the entities that you find are real beings. A lot of them won’t agree to be your partner. In a Lucid Dream you can have sex with anyone you want to but that’s not the case here.

Sex in the Astral Plane

To find a suitable partner, just roam around and ask the entities to have sex with you.

Even though you can’t get physically hurt, you should still be careful when choosing a partner. Some entities, especially those in the lower Astral Plane levels, want to seduce you in order to drain your energy. More on that later.

Soul Sex With Your Partner

If you have a partner in the physical world that also knows how to Astral Project then you can both project and have sex in the Astral World. This is called Soul sex.ž

Soul sex steps:

  1. Project with your partner onto the same level of the Astral Plane
  2. Find each other in the Astral World
  3. Congratulations, now you’re able to have Soul sex with your partner

Soul sex is an amazing way to spice up the relationship and it feels amazing. It can feel a lot better than physical intercourse if you and your partner are both good at Astral Projection.

Distance is a big factor when it comes to Soul Sex. If you and your partner are far away in the physical world, chances are that you’ll have a hard time finding each other in the Astral Realm. It’s always best that you are physically close to each other.

Keep in mind that both you and your partner will need to project into the same Astral Plane level. If one of you projects dimensionally higher (stronger vibrations) than the other, you won’t be able to find each other in the Astral Realm. It might take some time for both of you to project into the same Astral Plane level.

Rules For Safe Astral Sex

As a rule of thumb, mermaid and succubus like entities are very good partners to choose. 

A succubus sometimes comes onto you and tries to seduce you but you have to be careful, some of them have ill intentions. They can’t physically hurt you (no entity in the Astral World can) but they can drain your energy so you would wake up tired. You can befriend them, however, and they will be a great partner. I’ve befriended them before and they made for a great ally.

In other words, be careful when choosing a partner to have Astral Sex with. Some entities are just after your energy and having intercourse with them will make you very dizzy.

Astral Sex Experiences

My sexual experiences in the Astral Realm are amazing. To me, Astra Sex feels better than normal, physical intercourse and it’s not even close. It’s worth noting that I’ve been practicing Astral Projection for over 5 years now and I can regularly project into the higher levels of the Astral Realm.

I’m not the only one, check out the experiences of these people:

Reddit Astral Sex

“Better than any orgasm I’ve ever experienced on Earth.”

“It was the best feeling I ever had.”

As you can see, Astral Sex is truly unique and amazing. I recommend it to anyone who is decent at Astral projection.

Can You Orgasm During Astral Sex

Yes! You absolutely can orgasm during Astral intercourse.

A 1986 study proved that you can orgasm during a Lucid Dream. It’s the same for Astral Projection. During Astral Projection, our physical body responds with an increased heart rate and even ejaculation (in men)


Astral sex often feels even better than the real thing. It’s very easy to do once you master Astral Projection. All you need to do is find a partner in the Astral Plane or Astral Project with your significant other.

Don’t forget that entities in the Astral World are real, they aren’t just in your head like in a Lucid Dream so not all of them will want to be with you.

To summarize, sex in the Astral World is amazing. To me, it feels a lot better than physical intercourse and I would recommend it to every projector.

However, you need to make sure that you’re careful when choosing your partner. A lot of Astral entities, especially in the lower levels, want to leech energy from you. If you don’t resist them, you can end up waking up extremely tired and dizzy.

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