What Are The Best Crystals For Astral Projection: Top 10 Crystals

Regularly used for spiritual benefits including healing, balancing energies, chakra work, and more, crystals can also give you huge advantages when it comes to learning how to astrally project, whether you’re a first-time learner or an old hand who regularly travels in higher planes. 

But the list is dizzying, and knowing which crystals to choose can be difficult. Here’s our top 10 list of crystals that can help you with your astral travels.

Top 10 Crystals for Astral Projection

The 10 best crystals for Astral Projection



Appearance: A vibrant, glowing purple with many facets and edges

What should it be used for: Amethyst has been used for hundreds of years as a crown chakra enhancer, and it’s regularly used for talismans and other spiritual tokens. 

Amethyst has long been known to help people achieve a state of lucid dreaming, which can be key to learning how to astrally project for the first time. 

For beginners, amethyst is the most recommended crystal for astral projection. 

When should you use it: Whenever you plan to astrally project. A crystal under your pillow will help you to achieve lucidity as you sleep, and crystals can also be used as a focus in the hand or placed on the head, when you meditate or are practicing astral travel.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Appearance: Clear quartz is, as the name suggests, a very clear crystal. It can come in geometric shapes, or as polished, smooth rocks. 

What should it be used for: Quartz is known as the ‘master healer,’ and it’s mainly used for bringing you back to your center, ensuring good health and clearing out all of the toxicity and blocks in your life. 

Clear quartz has a connection to the crown chakra, the primary chakra for spiritual growth. It’s also associated with amplification, so using clear quartz can help you focus and increase your ability to astrally project.  

When should you use it: The best time to use clear quartz is at night when you sleep. Keep it nearby, or under your pillow.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystal

Appearance: A delicate, pale pink. 

What should it be used for: Rose quartz is full of goddess energy, i.e. love, and joy, and unity. 

Rose quartz will boost your heart chakra, helping you to relax, live comfortably, and love without fear. Rose quartz is the perfect crystal for you if you’re struggling with what you might find in the astral realm, or you don’t know how to make a start. 

When should you use it: If you’re afraid of astral travel or you feel like something is holding you back, rose quartz is a gentle reminder that you should focus on love, never fear, and should be used when meditating or relaxing before you begin your travel.


Citrine Crystal

Appearance: Gleaming, golden yellow, like sunlight, arranged in hexagon crystals, almost like a beehive.

What can it be used for: The glow of the sun brings you good luck, optimism, energy, and positivity. The brightness of citrine will fill you with that same glow, burning away bad energies and bringing nothing but light and health. 

When should you use it: Citrine should be used whenever you’re entering a meditative practice or performing a cleansing ritual. Citrine is perfect to use before bed or whenever you’re planning to astrally travel.


Carnelian Crystal

Appearance: Carnelian ranges from dull, earthy tones to the bright red of a fire’s heart

What should it be used for: Carnelian has a dual meaning, bolstering both your inner child and your warrior spirit. 

Carnelian can be used to burn away fear, unblock negative energy, and protect yourself. But carnelian is also fantastic for boosting creativity and filling you with lightness and willingness to play. 

When should you use it: A carnelian is the perfect perennial companion, and could happily stay with you forever. The increased energy and creativity it brings is also a perfect companion to other crystals when meditating.



Appearance: Soft, sea green, easy to see through, and usually with many fragments of other minerals inside. 

What should it be used for: If you need good fortune, aventurine will help open your heart chakra, bringing you healing, courage, and stability. 

One of the key things that hold people back from astrally projecting is fear, or being in a negative emotional state. Keeping aventurine close will fight back against this, relaxing you and teaching you to let go. 

When should you use it: The stability and ease of aventurine is best used daily, helping to loosen you up and put you in a place of comfort and relaxation. It can also find a home in the room you regularly astrally travel, and will help to calm the energy and relax that space.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Appearance: A swirling blue, white and silver, reflective of the chaos of the stars above, and the order that comes out of it

What should it be used for: Lapis lazuli has been used for thousands of years by many civilizations across the world for talismans and spiritual strength. 

The Egyptians loved lapis lazuli, and it has benefits for the throat chakra, but primarily for the third eye, allowing you to open your mind and increase your awareness

When should you use it: Another stone that benefits from keeping close when you sleep, lapis lazuli should be placed near to your head as you rest or meditate.


Hematite Crystal

Appearance: Solid silver, smooth and metallic, shot through with simple striations of other minerals. 

What should it be used for: Protection and healing.

The solid silver of hematite is run through with protective energies and a solid, robust weight that can keep you grounded and help you find yourself and realize who you are. 

Hematite is also recognized as a strong way to balance your yin and yang, which in turn strengthens both your body and your spiritual ability, which will help you leave your body to astrally travel, and make sure that you’re safe, protected, and can find yourself again once you’re done. 

When should you use it: Use hematite whenever you astrally travel. You can keep it close to your chest, or surround yourself with multiple stones.


Angelite Crystal

Appearance: A gentle blue interwoven with white, Angelite resembles a cloudy summer sky. 

What should it be used for: Angelite is regularly used to connect with spirit guides, and it’s also a surprisingly secret stone. First rediscovered in 1987 in Peru, from stashes put away in Incan lands. 

Angelite is a healer, but its primary use is for communicating with higher entities, making it absolutely perfect for astral projection use. 

When should you use it: Keep your Angelite with you as you astrally project to keep you protected and help you connect with the good beings or spirits as you travel. 

As a warning, make sure you keep your Angelite crystals away from water at all times. Angelite will break down if it’s immersed in water for any amount of time.


Obsidian Crystal

Appearance: Black, solid and strong throughout. 

What should it be used for: Obsidian is a stone that’s renowned for keeping you grounded and safe, but also to open the third eye and take you to higher planes of consciousness, both within your body, and without.

When should you use it: Obsidian is the perfect stone to keep on you at all times. With its balance of protective aura and connection to your higher, more spiritual self, it does everything that a person who’s looking to expand their mind and learn to astrally travel needs.

Final Thoughts

Learning to astrally travel is an incredibly exciting experience that will bring joy and knowledge into your life and help you connect with positive entities and visions. 

Using the correct crystals can help with this, opening up your body and mind, and providing the boost you need to take that first, vital step.

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