Has Astral Projection Been Scientifically Debunked?

Before getting into Astral Projection, many people ask themselves whether Astral Projection has been scientifically debunked.

It helps them determine whether Astral Projection is a waste of their precious time and I completely understand that sentiment.

It’s a great question and is one that will get answered in this article.

Has Astral Projection Been Scientifically Debunked

Two Extremes

Before we start, let’s just note the interesting viewpoints of two polar opposites when it comes to Astral Projection.

On one hand, we have a few scientists that have never tried Astral Projection dubbing it a pseudoscience (without any proof, I must add).

On the other hand, a few religious zealots proclaim that the Devil himself lurks in the Astral Plane, just waiting for the right moment to snatch your soul! Once again, without any proof.

Obviously, both of these extremes base their arguments on assumptions and not on logical thought or observation. 

I’ve already written an article on whether there are demons in the Astral Plane, you should definitely read it.

Now, it is time to tackle the scientists!

Astral Projection Has Never Been Disproven

The one problem I have with contemporary science is that it takes itself too seriously. It seems to forget that just a few decades ago, homosexuality was deemed a disorder. 

Science has this amazing ability to adapt and overcome, but it fails to impress, at least for now, when it comes to consciousness.

Let’s face it – we know diddly squat about the brain, our consciousness and our mind.

The sciences can’t even agree on proper definitions for the three terms above, much less explain what they are all about.

And that’s fine, I’m not criticizing science for not being able to get there yet, but I’m disappointed at how some scientists are quick to proclaim Astral Projection a pseudoscience.

While Astral Projection has never been scientifically disproven, there are some steps being taken towards proving it is actually real.

The reason why it’s taking so long is because it’s very difficult to accurately measure our consciousness during Astral Projection. 

Astral Projection is an individual experience and it can be near to impossible to prove that it exists beyond your own imagination.


Because we haven’t found a way to enter the consciousness of another being as of yet.

However, not all hope is lost yet.

Astral Projection is Real

Brainwave scans performed on willing participants do show a marked decrease in some parts of the brain and a significant increase in others during self-reported Astral Projection.

Even science knows that something is going on while we’re leaving the physical realm and entering the Astral Plane.

One such study was performed on a woman aged twenty-four, a student claiming to have had out of body experiences as early as a child.

They gave her four questionnaires and asked her to perform multiple ECEs (extra-corporeal experience) while a machine measured the results of her brain activity.

The results that followed were shocking to say the least.

While performing Astral Projection, the supplementary motor area, the cerebellum and the anterior superior temporal gyrus all experienced an uptick in activity.

This may suggest that there is actual movement being performed in the Astral Plane while we’re Astral Projecting, although it’s still too early to be able to attest to that.

Also interesting to note is that less activity was reported in the following two brain regions: In the cuneus and the lingual gyrus.

This may imply that our visual and lingual abilities are a bit hindered during Astral Projection, while our motor functions are improved.

Interesting stuff, for sure!

One important thing to note is that this participant had no brain abnormalities and that she was a completely normal individual.

At the end of the paper, the researchers conclude that the study is a bit biased since it is mostly based on self-reported evidence.

However, the brain scans don’t lie and the researchers claim that the ECEs experienced by this young woman portray ”…an unusual type of kinesthetic imagery that shares some features of previously described out-of-body experiences.”

So not even the scientists are sure what is going on and I don’t think things will get clearer any time soon.

Maybe in a few decades, but one can only hope.

The US Government And Astral Projection

One of the biggest telltale signs that there is something to Astral Projection is the fact that the US government spent millions of dollars per year to study it.

I’m not going to go into length on what they did and how they did it, you can read my Astral Projection CIA research article to learn more about it.

What is important to note about their research is that even the stuff that did get released to the public is incomplete and there are some pages missing.

Also, it’s very probable that research is still on-going and it’s a big question whether any of these documents will ever get released to the public.


All in all, one still can’t, with 100% accuracy, scientifically claim that Astral Projection is real.

We still lack the resources to accurately measure all the changes happening to our body and mind during Astral Projection.

However, steps are being taken in the right direction and I believe that in twenty to thirty years, Astral Projection will have its own place among the sciences.

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