Is Astral Projection Demonic, Are There Demons In The Astral Plane

Are there demons in the Astral Plane? Is Astral Projection demonic? These kinds of questions are super common when it comes to Astral Projection.

So is Astral Projection demonic and are there demons in the Astral Plane? We’ll answer these questions and more in this article.

Is Astral Projection Demonic

Are There Demons in The Astral Plane

Everyone familiar with Astral Projection knows that there are entities in the Astral Plane. Some of these entities are considered “bad entities”, frequently called “bad spirits”.

According to, a demon is simply an evil spirit. Based on that definition, some entities in the Astral Plane can be considered to be demons.

So to answer the question; Are there demons in the Astral Plane? Yes, there are entities in the Astral Plane, especially in the lower levels of the Astral Plane, that can be considered to be demons.

What are the Demons in the Astral Plane

The “demons” that you can encounter during Astral Projection are simply Astral entities whose main goal is to leach off of your energy.

There are a lot of different theories to what these entities actually are. Some people, for example, claim that they are lost souls who roam in the Astral Plane forever. We don’t know for sure what they are, all we know is that there are a lot, a lot more good entities in the Astral Plane than bad ones.

What Do They Look Like

These entities/demons can come in many different forms. Whether it would be a scary monster chasing you or a succubus trying to seduce you, you shouldn’t trust these entities and most importantly, you shouldn’t be afraid of them.

Why You Shouldn't be Afraid

Even though there are demons in the Astral Plane, you should never be afraid of them. These entities can often feed off of your fear and are even attracted by it. If you’re not afraid of them, they won’t bother you at all.

Remember, you can’t get physically hurt in the Astral Plane so these demons can’t hurt you at all. All they can do to you is leach off of your energy.

We recommend that you read our Astral Projection dangers guide where we go over the dangers of these entities and how you can protect yourself against them.

Can You Get Possessed

There are a lot of rumors in the Astral Projection community about people getting possessed by bad spirits during AP. This is a myth and the truth is that demons / bad entities in the Astral plane can’t possess you.

You absolutely shouldn’t be afraid of getting possessed during Astral Projection because it literally can’t happen. Anyone saying that you can get possessed is just spreading bad rumors to try and make Astral Projection look bad and chances are that they don’t really know much about it at all.

Is Astral Projection Demonic

While, technically, there are demons in the Astral Plane, Astral Projection is far from demonic. 

Instead, Astral Projection is a beautiful experience that can, literally, change your life for the better and make you discover the greater truth about yourself and your consciousness.

So to answer this directly. No, Astral Projection is absolutely not demonic and there’s nothing about it that you should be scared of. 

A small percentage of entities in the Astral Plane are demons but they can’t do anything to you if you’re not afraid of them and you don’t trust them. The worst thing they can do, if you’re terrified of them, is leach your energy which will result in you being very tired in the morning.


There are demons in the Astral Plane but Astral Projection is definitely not demonic. The vast majority of entities that you meet during Astral Projection are very friendly, only a small fraction of them are bad spirits.

Thankfully, these demons can’t physically hurt you at all and they can’t possess you (that’s a myth). Their only goal is to leach off of your energy and fear. You can easily avoid them by not being afraid.

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