Is Astral Projection Safe? What Are The Dangers And How To Be Safe

A lot of people believe that Astral Projection is something that can be dangerous. Is that true? 

Is Astral Projection safe? What are the dangers of Astral Projection and how to stay safe in the Astral Plane? Stay tuned to find out!

Is Astral Projection Safe

To find out the safety of Astral Projection (AP), we must first understand what AP actually is.

What Is Astral Projection

Astral Projection, AP for short, is the experience of separating your astral body (consciousness) from your physical body and entering the Astral Plane.

Once a person projects, their consciousness is separated from their physical body. The projector is able to see his/her physical body sleeping as they separate from it with their astral body and enter the Astral Plane.

There are numerous different Astral Projection methods and techniques but the WBTB method is probably the best for beginners. Not only is it a great technique to learn Astral Projection but it’s also an amazing method to train Lucid Dreaming so you can progress at both.

OBEs (Out of Body Experiences)

Check out our Astral Projection methods where we also go over the WBTB technique for more details.

An important thing to keep in mind is that AP takes time to master. You have to try to project at least 5 times a week if you want to progress towards successful Astral Projection. Some people need months of attempts before they are able to project for the first time. Keep learning about AP and be patient, you will be able to master it eventually.

For more information about AP, read our Astral Projection guide.

Can You Get Hurt During Astral Projection

Astral Projection can be dangerous but probably not in the way you think. Let me explain.

You can’t get physically hurt during Astral Projection just like you can’t get hurt when dreaming.

But, getting hurt and feeling pain are two separate things. A 1993 study on dreams confirmed that you can actually feel pain in a dream but you can’t get physically hurt from it. 

So for example, if a monster is attacking you during a nightmare, you will probably feel like you’re getting scratched or hit but your body won’t be hurt or have marks.

The same goes for Astral Projection. Just like in a dream, you can feel pain but you can’t get hurt.

The reason why we can’t get hurt when dreaming is because a dream is just in our head. Astral Projection, on the other hand, has a much more interesting reason for why we can’t get hurt during it.

The safety of Astral Projection

When we Astral Project, we are using our astral body to explore the Astral Plane and not our physical body. These two are connected with the so called silver string.

This means that we can’t get physically hurt during AP because we aren’t using our physical body. It also means that whenever we are in any sort of danger in the Astral Plane, we will just snap back into our physical body because the silver string will instantly pull us back in.

However, if a somebody’s silver string got broken, they theoretically could get hurt in the Astral Plane. The silver string isn’t easily broken though and most people believe that it’s only broken when we die.

In short, you can’t get physically hurt in the Astral Plane. You’re safe when it comes to physical danger during Astral Projection but there are still other dangers that you should watch out for.

Dangers Of Astral Projection

As we said before, nothing in the Astral World can physically hurt you.

However, there are other dangers that you should look out for:

  • Fear
  • Bad Entities


Robert Monroe, the pioneer of Astral Projection, in one of the events at the Monroe Institute said that fear is the #1 thing that is holding back people that are new to AP. I completely agree with him. 

Fear is the most important thing to overcome when it comes to AP. If you’re afraid, it can be incredibely hard to even project in the first place. But even if you do somehow project, fear will be very detrimental to you in the Astral Plane.

There are a lot of entities in the Astral Plane and some of them aren’t exactly friendly, especially on the lower levels of the Astral Plane. These bad entities are attracted by fear like a shark is attracted to blood.

A lot of these entities can leech energy off of your fear. In other words, if you’re afraid, they will leech off of that and you’ll end up waking up very tired. 

Fear is your biggest enemy in the astral plane. Of course, a little fear is natural, especially if AP is completely new to you but being nervous because of fear will make AP very hard and it can attract bad entities when you successfully project.

Bad Entities

Also often called Demons or bad spirits. As we said before, most of these entities feed off of fear, they are attracted by it.  If you’re afraid, some of these nearby entities might come to you and some might even attack you.

Remember, you can’t get physically hurt in the Astral Plane so there’s literally nothing to be afraid of. These bad entities want you to be afraid so that they can feed off of that energy.

There are entities that want your energy but they don’t do it through fear. A succubus is an entity in the astral plane that wants to seduce you into having astral sex with it. 

You should avoid them because they can drain a lot of your energy. If you don’t avoid them, you will end up extremely tired and energy drained in the morning.

Can You Get Stuck In The Astral Plane

This is a common myth and it’s completely false.

You can’t get stuck in the Astral Plane because your physical body and your consciousness (astral body) are connected. This means that you will snap back into your physical body if anything happens to you.

Not only that, you can also go back into your physical body at will. To do that, you just need to concentrate and think about returning into the physical world. Once you do that, you’ll instantly snap back and leave the astral plane.

Theoretically, the only way that you could possibly get in the Astral Plane is if you physically died. A lot of people think that the astral plane is the place where we go after we die so it would make sense that we’d get stuck there if we died.

Protection In Astral Projection

Remember, fear is your biggest enemy in the Astral Plane.

But fear is also natural and it’s hard to completely eliminate it even though we know that we can’t get physically hurt. It’s normal to feel fear if you’re an inexperienced astral projector.

Another danger, though not as problematic as fear, are bad spirits/entities/Demons. The danger here is them stealing your energy thus making you physically extremely tired and dizzy in the morning.

To help fight fear and to avoid bad entities during Astral Projection, use these three techniques:


Let’s say you’re in the Astral Plane and some bad entities start bothering you. Those entities can sense fear so they will start bothering you if they sense it in you.

One of the easiest ways to make those bad spirits stop bothering you is by laughing.

Laughter often repels entities that want to suck your energy. It’s a good way to deal with something that you’re scared of in the Astral Plane.


When you Astral Project, it’s a good idea to call out for a guardian.

As you already know, there are bad entities in the Astral Plane but there are also many good ones. When you call for a guardian, one of the friendly spirits will come to you. They will stay with you for your entire Astral Projection length.

The good spirit – guardian can show you around, give you wisdom and protect you from the bad entities.

The Light

The light is another way of protecting yourself in the Astral Realm but not as beginner-friendly as the first two.

If a Demon attacks you in the Astral Plane, call for the light. Dispell the demon with the light or Jesus or whatever works for you.

The point of this method is to get rid of your fears and thus making the bad spirits go away. Of course, the light or Jesus won’t get rid of the bad entities for you but calling for them will give you temporary confidence which will make the fear go away.


So to answer the question. Is Astral Projection safe? 

It depends, you can’t get physically hurt in the Astral Plane but there are still some dangers. The main thing to watchout for are the bad entities that are looking to leech off of your energy.

Remember, fear is your biggest enemy during Astral Projection. If you’re not afraid then you won’t be bothered by most bad entities. If you’re scared, try using some of the astral self defense methods such as laughing, calling a guarding or using the light.


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