Lucid Dream Sex: How To Have Lucid Sex and How Does It Feel

Lucid sex is one of the most common activities that we want to do in a Lucid Dream. It’s not a suprise that a lot of beginner lucid dreamers want to know how to have lucid sex and how does it feel.

In this guide, we will answer those questions.

Lucid Dream Sex

Can You Have Sex In a Lucid Dream

You can have sex in a Lucid Dream, often called Lucid sex.

In fact, once you get a good grasp of Lucid Dreaming, you can have sex in a Lucid Dream almost every single night.

What Is Lucid Sex

Lucid sex is having sexual intercourse in a Lucid Dream

When we have sex in a lucid dream we are fully conscious (lucid) as opposed to just barely or not being conscious at all in anormal dream.

It sounds simple but you need to be good at Lucid Dreaming in order to successfully have lucid sex. If you’re not good at staying lucid, you’ll have a hard time staying in a Lucid Dream for long enough to have lucid sex.

Once you’re able to consistently have a Lucid Dream and you’re able to stay in those dreams for long periods at a time, you’ll be ready to have lucid sex.

Is Lucid Sex Possible

Lucid sex is absolutely possible! You can have sex in a Lucid Dream but it’s not as easy as you might think.

If you don’t have a lot of experience or if you’re not talented at Lucid Dreaming, you will probably have a hard time staying inside a Lucid Dream. 

Most of us had a dream where we became lucid but because we couldn’t stabilize the dream, we woke up. This is very common for beginner lucid dreamers and practice is pretty much the only way to get over this problem.

In short, before you’re able to have lucid sex, you’ll most likely have to practice stabilizing your Lucid Dreams.

How Does Lucid Sex Feel

Sex in a Lucid Dream feels similar to the real thing. If you’re an experienced Lucid Dreamer or if you’re talented then it will feel a lot better for you.

For beginners, it might not feel as great as the real thing (it will still feeel really good though) on your first few tries but it will get better and better with practice.

It’s interesting that lucid sex doesn’t feel as good as Astral Projection sex which can feel even better than the real thing. The reason for this is because Astral Projection is at least few levels above Lucid Dreaming in terms of difficulty and experience.

Sex in a Lucid Dream

To conclude, lucid sex can feel like real sex. The better you get at Lucid Dreaming, the better it will feel.

If you’re a virgin, however, then Lucid sex will feel similar to masturbating. The reason for this is that your brain doesn’t know how real sex feels yet and masturbation is the next closest thing.

Can You Orgasm

According to a study done in 1986, Lucid Dream orgasm are indeed possible. During lucid sex, our physical body responds with  increased heart rate and often actual ejaculation (for males).

However, this isn’t the norm. Sometimes a “Lucid orgasm” is just in the mind but this doesn’t actually make it feel any less good.

In other words, you can physically orgasm during lucid sex and it has even been confirmed by scientific studies.

How To Have Lucid Sex

Having sex in a lucid dream is actually very easy.

All you need to do is find a partner in the dream to have an intercourse with. This should be easy because a Lucid Dream is just in your mind so you can literally “spawn in” any person or celebrity that you imagine.

As opposed to the Astral Planes, every partner that you find or create in a Lucid Dream will want to have sex with you if you imagine it. This is because a Lucid Dream is just in your head. Beginners might have some problems with this because they can’t control their mind in a dream that well. With training, however, you can do whatever you want in a dream.

Remember, you can wake up if you think about your physical self too much or if you get too excited. It’s important to control your mind in a dream to stay in it as long as possible. This can be hard to do for beginners but you should progress really fast if you try every night.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, lucid sex is possible and it’s actually very easy to do if you’re experienced with lucid dreaming. Studies have shown that sex in a Lucid Dream is accompanied by physical responses from the body. This includes increased heart rate and even ejaculation (in men).

Lucid sex can feel amazing if you get good at lucid dreaming. With enough practice it can feel as good as the real thing.

All a dreamer needs to do is find a partner. This should be very easy considering that every entity in a dream is just in their mind and not their own being.


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