The 5 Best Sleep Paralysis Movies For Lucid Dreamers

Sleep paralysis is more common than one would think, affecting up to 10% of the global population at some point in their lives.

Sleep Paralysis Movies

There is also a huge connection between sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming that shouldn’t be discounted.

Today, we’ll be showing you the five best sleep paralysis movies for lucid dreamers!

5 Best Sleep Paralysis Movies

1. Mara

A strange death crops up on Kate’s desk one day and she is hellbent on finding the killer.

As a criminal psychologist, Kate doesn’t believe in the supernatural and disregards any connection to the paranormal.

The wife of the unfortunate man speaks of a sleep demon and she is sure that it’s his doing.

Kate is ready to commit the poor lady into a mental institution but when she starts suffering from sleep paralysis as well, the tables soon turn…

2. The Nightmare

Eight people. Eight stories.

Each one differs in place and time but they have one thing in common; sleep paralysis.

Every night, one of the unfortunate souls wakes up, finding themselves unable to budge an inch.

Not just that but an evil presence is right there with them and as the darkness engulfs them, only one question remains; when will it end?

This documentary is terrifying exactly because it is based on true stories and the recreations of the events put a sinister undertone to the programme.

3. Dead Awake

Kate is a social worker who cares about the people she is working with and doesn’t see them as mere cases.

One day, her sister dies while sleeping and that isn’t the first death documented in a series of strange incidents involving sleep paralysis.

People are dead scared and even a doctor warns Kate that there is more to this story than one would expect.

The doctor tells her about an evil monster haunting these people and killing them in their sleep.

Kate quickly dismisses these stories but one day, as she attempts to summon the entity, she almost gets killed!

Will Kate prevail or will she become just another hapless victim?

4. Sleep-Paralysis

Valerie is a children’s book writer who decides it’s time to move to a quiet place by the lake, away from the bustling city.

What was supposed to be an idyllic life with her loving husband turns into the worst nightmare imaginable as she fights for her life during sleep paralysis.

Medical professionals, doctors and priests are summoned but not even they don’t know what to do.

Nothing seems to work and the monster is gaining strength.

How will Valerie fight against this evil entity and will she survive the worst nightmare she’s ever had?

5. Desecration

A young teenage boy, who is by all accounts a recluse, tries to reconcile with the fact that his mother is dead.

The boy is traumatized by her death and seeks consolation everywhere he turns but without success.

In Catholic school, nobody cares much about the grief surrounding the hapless boy but when he accidentally kills a nun, all hell breaks loose.

Not only does he become more ostracized but he starts having nightmares involving demons and the dead nun.

Torn between the demons inside him and the demons trying to kill him, Bobby has to make the biggest decision of his life, just to survive.


Watching these sleep paralysis movies might serve as a cathartic experience if you’re suffering from frequent bouts of sleep paralysis.

They also might scare you a bit but as long as you remember that it’s all just fiction and that nothing bad can happen, you’ll be fine.

Enjoy your movie night!

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