What Does Astral Projection Feel Like?

Many people who are interested in Astral Projection but have never had an experience ask themselves: ‘What does Astral Projection feel like?’

This article will not only answer that but we’ll also look at unique experiences, all for the sake of unveiling the Astral Plane as much as possible.

What Does Astral Projection Feel Like

With that in mind, let’s get started!

Pre Astral Projection

The first thing we’re going to look at are all the feelings and emotions that arise before Astral Projection.

1. Relaxation

If you’re in the relaxation phase of Astral Projection, you’ll feel calm, collected and in tune with your body. Your breathing will become slower and more composed. The stiffness will leave your body and you’ll slowly start to feel at peace.

2. Mind Awake Body Asleep

In this stage, your body starts to shut down, while your mind is drifting awake with ideas. You’ll feel like a heavy blanket has been placed over your body. You will feel completely relaxed and kind of energized, at least in your mind.

3. The Vibrational Stage

Once the vibrations set in, you’ll fall deeper into a state of relaxation where you’ll feel calm and harmonious, although your entire body is vibrating with vital energy.

Your Astral body will soon awaken, letting you take the plunge into the Astral Plane.

4. The Void State

In the void state, you’ll have reached a level of relaxation never thought possible. Darkness will engulf you and some people may get scared at this point, but it all comes to an end soon when you become ready to leave your physical body behind.

5. Seperation

Your Astral body will separate from your physical body and you’ll enter the Astral Plane. Emotions here range from fear to deep appreciation, depending on your experience with Astral Projection.

Beginners will generally experience fear as the entire thing is new to them and they will feel overwhelmed.

Experienced Travellers will feel at ease, as they are soon joining the Astral Plane, a place where they can really feel at peace.

Low Energy Projections

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not possible to successfully Astral Project every time. Even William Buhlman, a person with more than forty years of experience in Astral Projection claims to only successfully Project 30 to 40% of the time.

This is in line with our experience as well and it’s important to remember that sometimes, you’ll have a low energy Projection, where things won’t go your way.

During a low-energy Projection, you’ll feel insecure, scared, and be in a bad frame of mind.

A low energy Projection happens when you leave the vibrational stage too soon.

While you do enter the Astral Plane, you will not enjoy the experience and it will be filled with fear and uncertainty.

The important thing is not to show fear or become scared, as that will only exacerbate the experience and possibly invite unwanted guests in the Astral Plane.

You need to remember that nothing can hurt you in the Astral Plane and that you’re completely in control.

This is important during every step of Astral Projection, as fear can only hold you back and create experiences that you wouldn’t want to repeat.

Projecting Into The Lower Planes

First-time Projectors usually land in the lower planes of the Astral Plane

There is a difference between low-energy Projections and the lower planes of the Astral Plane; the former usually end fast and you wake up in your body, with your heart pounding a hundred miles an hour. 

In the lower planes, you might feel uncertainty, doubt and fear creep in as you explore your surroundings.

Things will look grey or they might even feel colorless.

Entities you’ll meet here are more often than not looking to sap your energy, basically, use you for their own selfish interests.

Rarely, you’ll meet a guide or a projection of your higher Self that will try and help you out of the lower planes.

Typical stuff you’ll experience in the lower planes are a feeling of uncertainty, a feeling that something bad is about to happen and a feeling of doom and gloom.

However, your senses will be accentuated and you’ll start perceiving energy from far away.

It’s exactly for this reason that you’ll feel so uncertain during your stay here, as you’ll be overloaded with signals from everywhere.

This can lead to overstimulation of the senses, especially if it’s your first time Projecting.

Projecting Into The Middle Planes

Once you get the hang of Astral Projection and empty your mind of fear and uncertainty, you will be able to ascend to the middle planes of the Astral Plane.

Here, you will feel like you’ve awakened your sixth sense; it will feel like a combination of your five main senses.

For example, if you touch grass in the Astral Plane, you will not only be able to feel it but also taste it, smell it and even hear it, all at once!

The beautiful thing about Astral Projection is that your only barrier is your own mind.

It’s actually you who decides, through your feelings and emotions, where you’ll Astral Project and how your experience will look like.

One experience we deem worthy of sharing was the Astral Projection of one of our crew members.

She tried to invoke a spirit guide to show her the way out of the middle planes and into the higher planes.

Basically, she wanted to ascend one more time.

During her Projection, she felt someone tug at both of her legs and a nameless entity actually pulled her Astral body out of her bed and into space!

When she looked back, she saw Earth in all its beauty and felt such appreciation for everything she had in life, that she understood what the entity tried to tell her:

You already have everything you need in life to be successful.

It is you who is the captain of your ship and you’re the one stirring it into the direction you want it to go!

First, when she was being pulled, she felt extreme fear and like the world was ending. That all changed when she saw Earth from afar and her negative emotions turned into appreciation.

The main takeaway is that feelings and emotions change very rapidly in the Astral Plane. Not just that, they are also accentuated and deeper when compared to the physical realm.

Projecting Into The Higher Planes

In the higher planes, colors will become vibrant and you will generally have a positive experience.

This realm is reserved for experienced Astral travelers and general emotions experienced range from surprise to awe.

Surprise from all the beauty and glamor of the higher planes of the Astral Plane and awe from all the things surrounding you at this stage.

You can even meet angels and other benign entities in this plane.

To really experience all the attractions of the higher Planes, we suggest eating objects from your surroundings.

You’ve read that right! Eating objects will accentuate all of your senses and you will experience the aforementioned ‘sixth sense’, where you’ll start feeling multiple senses at once.

It’s a beautiful feeling and is one of the best things you can do in the Astral Plane, besides interacting with entities you meet.

It’s not out of the question that you’ll also start feeling euphoria and extreme happiness during your stay in the higher planes, as they are described as being so alluring and charming, that a person simply gets lost in them.

Of course, you can always get back to your body and there is no danger involved.


We could literally write a book about all the range of emotions one can experience in the Astral Plane.

Astral Projection is taxing on your emotions and sometimes, especially as a newbie, you may wake up feeling exhausted.

This is not a cause for concern but an invitation to explore the Astral Plane even deeper while ridding yourself of the fear that is holding you back.

All in all, Astral Projection feels like a glimpse into Heaven; it shows you how deep your perception really is and how deep your emotions run.

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